CONVICTION – November 2021

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January 14, 2022

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We want to begin the newsletter this month with a phenomenal testimony that Eddie was reminded about.

God indeed knows exactly where you are and what you are going through!

A gentleman, who was incarcerated, put in segregation (a cell by himself) and was locked down for 23 hours a day, was contemplating taking his life. He was at the breaking point after being locked down for 13 years and felt as if he had no one. On one particular day, he happened to turn the radio on and ironically, if you want to call it that, (we call it God’s timing), Eddie was on the radio. Eddie started talking about the Salvation of God, how your life matters, and how God could reach in that cell and touch your life. The man thought, You’ve got to be kidding me! He’s talking to me!’ On that very day, he knelt down in his cell and surrendered his life to Jesus. Eddie later actually got to meet this gentleman outside of the walls and it was a phenomenal meeting. He told Eddie to tell all the sponsors thank you for allowing Eddie the opportunity to travel.

Eddie and had such a fantastic time at the Revival in Your Marriage seminar, which we did at Crux Ministry! It was an absolutely great night of utilizing tools and God’s Word in the marriage of many people. It was truly a time when we saw couples’ lives being changed right there in front of us.

We are very proud to announce our next graduate, Mark Martinez! He will be staying on in leadership training with Conviction Ministries. This man has grown so much and is truly not the same man that came to us a little over a year ago. Thank you sponsors! Here is another man’s life that is a true testament to your giving and believing in what we do!

Are you looking for an exciting adventure with God? Do you have a father’s heart for others? Conviction Ministries has an immediate opening for a Director at Conviction University. If you feel you have the capability and want to share the life changing love of Christ with others, please email Eddie. He will send you the Job Description.

Until the next Newsletter, please continue to pray for us, as we are constantly trying to reach the lost and to train and equip servants of God through the college for missions work. Thank you so much for believing in what we do and for standing with us as we see the Gospel lived out in the lives of those who are affected by Conviction for Christ Ministries.