Supporting God’s Vision
Through Conviction

Join us in blessing those who have never heard about the love of Christ.

Conviction For Christ Ministries

We are excited to share with you God’s vision for Conviction For Christ Ministries. God birthed this ministry in 1992 and has provided a path for thousands of people to be reached through God’s Music and Word. God has annointed Eddie B. with the gift of music, writing, and the ability to produce music.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Eddie’s Story

Ok, here it is. Many have wanted this testimony over the years. Now, for the kingdom, Eddie B. tells all.

At the age of five years old, I wanted to be a rock star and singing was my thing and life seemed to have a purpose. But two years later, my Mom and Dad got a divorce and sent me down a staircase that had no bottom.

At nine years old, I was already out of control, drinking beer, smoking dope, and had my first trip with angel dust. All that time, I thought I needed this for my resume as a rock star. By the time I was 12, cutting school and getting suspended was the norm.

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